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Our goal is to take the most exciting innovations in machine learning, data science, and AI and make them simple, short, and sweet.


We're excited to explore big questions with you! 


Who We Are

Get to know the faces behind the mic! Monte's the machine learning guy, and Morgan's the podcast producer. Read on to learn more!


Monte Zweben

Monte is the co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine, a scalable SQL database that makes data science and ML easy. A technology industry veteran, Monte’s early career was spent with the NASA Ames Research Center as the deputy chief of the artificial intelligence branch, where he won the prestigious Space Act Award for his work on the Space Shuttle program. Monte then transitioned to the entrepreneurial world, founding the industry-leading Blue Martini and Red Pepper Software startups. Monte has published articles in the Harvard Business Review, various computer science journals, and conference proceedings. He was Chairman of Rocket Fuel Inc. and serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board for Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science. In his spare time, Monte plays the guitar and listens to music.


Morgan Sweeney

Morgan is a recent graduate of McGill University with a B.A. & Sc. in Cognitive Science. Morgan is passionate about the intersection of science, technology, and creativity. Following three years of experience in science communication, Morgan started her first podcast in 2019, a show that teaches people about the science of the mind through fantasy stories, titled Magic of the Mind. In her spare time, Morgan likes to teach yoga and explore new places. Morgan is currently located in Chicago, IL.

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